How to create Apple ID for kids in easy steps

How to create Apple ID for kids

Do you know you can create Apple ID for kids? You just bought your child her first iPhone (or iPad). To activate an iOS device, you will need to register your device with an Apple ID. As your child is underage, your kid still cannot register her own Apple ID. You can choose to use your Apple ID to activate and register the new iPhone. (I’m referring to the kid as her because I’ve got two daughters). This is an easy path, and your child can start using her phone within a few minutes. A better approach is to create an Apple ID for kids to use on their iOS and macOS devices.

The first approach to use your Apple ID is not very good as it exposes your child to several security risks. Everything you do on your other iOS device will likely be synchronized on her phone. Moreover, she may have access to your documents stored on iCloud. She will also have access to your settings and other online activities. Your kid cannot have her own separate iCloud drive to store her documents and photos. What is worse, your kid’s contacts and your contacts will likely become mixed up. The recommended and the best approach is to create her own Apple ID to use on her Apple device.

Benefits of Creating Apple ID for kids

By having her own Apple ID, your kid will have her own Child Account to use with Apple’s iOS and macOS devices. With her own Apple ID for kids:

  • She will have her own iCloud storage to store her files and photos and backup the iPhone settings. Every Apple ID comes with free 5 GB of iCloud storage. In addition, if you have subscribed to a 100 GB iCloud storage, you can share that storage space with your kid using Family sharing.
  • Participate in Family Sharing. Through Family Sharing, your kid will be able to purchase apps and music through your account. All the apps, music, and movies you have purchased will be available to her.
  • Share Apple Music Subscription and share an unlimited number of songs with her on iPhone or iPad.
  • Have her own Apple Facetime and iMessage services
  • Have her own Game Center account
  • You can also monitor her App usage and online activities through Apple Screen Time. Screen Time is a parental control function built into iOS and macOS devices. Through Screen Time, you can also set downtime for the device and set time limits on individual apps, such as games (think of Roblox!). You can even set time limits for specific websites. (I successfully limit my child’s Roblox playtime using Screen Time!).

Some parents argue that by setting up a separate Apple ID for kids, their child will not be able to use the apps they have previously bought using your account. This is not true. By including your child in your family sharing, she will still have access to all the apps that you have bought previously. In addition, through Screen Time, you can also restrict your child from buying apps on her own. It gives you more control over the apps usage of your kid.

How to Create Apple ID for Kids on iPhone

We will now walk you step by step through creating Apple ID for kids.

  1. Go to Setting on your iPhone or iPad.

    To create Apple ID for your kid, you must open a new Apple account under your account. Children under 13 cannot open their own Apple account, so you will have to open one for her under your account.

    While in Setting, tap your profile photo at the top of the page. This will lead you to your Apple ID profile and settings page.

    You need to set up your child’s account under your account as a Family Sharing account. She will have a separate account with her own Apple id, iCloud storage, and other functionalities of a full account.
  2. On the profile page, scroll down and tap Family Sharing.

  3. Tap “Add Member” on the Family Sharing page

    We will walk you through adding and creating a member to Apple Family Sharing.

  4. On the next screen, tap “Create an Account for a Child

    The link is at the bottom of the screen below the “Invite People” button.
    Tap “Continue“.

  5. Give Parental Consent

    You will need to provide parental consent for your child to create an Apple ID. To do this, you will have to provide the 3-digit security code (CVV) of your credit card registered with your Apple ID. Find this code at the back of your credit card and enter this information in the box. This is for verification only and Apple will not charge your card for the verification.

  6. Agree to the End-user license agreement. You can now create Apple ID for your child.

  7. Enter first name, last name, and date of birth for your child on the next screen.

    Note: Once created, you cannot remove your kid account from your Family Sharing until he or she reaches the age of 13.

  8. Enter your child’s email address if she has one. If she doesn’t have her own email, you can create a free Apple’s iCloud email address. I choose a free iCloud email for this demonstration.

  9. Enter the password for your kid’s Apple ID. Make sure to remember this password.

  10. Apple will confirm the phone number to be used for sending verification code when your kid signs in. Normally, this is the same number you use for your account. If you want to assign a new number for your kid, you can choose “Use another phone number” and enter the new number.

  11. You will receive the verification code by SMS to your phone. Meanwhile, the Apple ID creation wizard will ask you to agree to the End User License Agreement (again!). Click Agree and go to the next page.

Enable Ask to Buy and Location Sharing

Apple will suggest a few features to you for your kid’s account, which depends on the age of your child. I was suggested to turn on “Ask to Buy” from App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books, and Location sharing feature. Although not necessary to turn on, having some level of restriction to your child’s purchasing activity as well as monitoring her location will greatly improve privacy and security as well as ease on your budget.

Tap Turn On Ask to Buy and Location Sharing functionalities. You can also choose to set it up manually also if you wish.

That’s it!. Look at the screen shot here. I’ve just created an Apple ID for my kid.

I’ve just created my kid’s new Apple ID

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