How to remove link to Sample Page on WordPress

Remove Sample Page Link on WordPress

I’ve just installed a fresh WordPress site on my server. With a fresh theme and a few blog posts, I’m good to go. Unfortunately, when I launch my site on the browser, I saw an annoying (and ugly) “Sample Page” link at the top right corner of my page. Clicking on the link leads me to the sample page which came together with the WordPress install. 

At first, I thought it was an error on the template. However, checking my template doesn’t show any link to this page. Checking the menu also doesn’t show any link; in fact, there was no menu on my website yet. So where does this “Sample Page” link comes from?

Googling also doesn’t give much information although many people wonder how this link appeared on the home page. Many people also tried to find information on how to remove this link.

How to remove “Sample Page” link?

Sample page was built in the WordPress installation. If you do not have a menu structure in your WordPress site, the link to existing pages will appear at the top of the page, depending on the theme you use. It is actually an autogenerated link to existing pages. Removing this “Sample Page” link is easy. 

Method 1: Remove the “Sample Page” from your list of pages. It will simply remove the unsightly link from the autogenerated links. You can also choose to set the status of the “Sample Page” to draft instead of deleting it. Please keep in mind that any new pages created will turn up as a link on your page.

Method 2: Simply create your first menu, and exclude Sample Page from the menu. This will solve the problem permanently. In order to ensure “Sample Page” doesn’t show up in the menu, you can also choose to set the status of the page to draft instead of published.

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