My Youtube Channel has Disappeared!

My Youtube Channel has disappeared

Today, when I switch on Youtube on Samsung Smart TV, I could no longer see my Youtube channel. My Youtube channel has simply disappeared! I created a separate channel under my Google account for my daughter so that whatever she watches or saved does not mix up with my watched history or saved videos. However, only my main channel is still there. Her channel has disappeared.

So I open the Youtube app on my iPad, and here also, it disappeared. On iPad also, only my main Youtube channel shows up. The “Switch Account” that shows other channels/accounts did not show other accounts except the main one. I opened Youtube on my computer (it’s Safari, on Mac, for your information), and here too, only my main channel showed up. The “Switch Account” that normally showed on the browser was also missing.

The “Switch Account” link was missing!

I tried to google to see if other people have also experienced the same problem. Many people have experienced similar problems where their channels simply vanished, but no one seems to have a similar problem like mine. I also could not find any solution to my problem. Therefore, as usual, I play around to find a solution.

Disappeared Youtube Channel: Solution

I finally found a solution. And a very simple one. You will need to log in to Youtube on your computer’s browser for the solution to work. You might also be able to log in on your phone/tablet but I haven’t tried yet. After logging in, click your icon on the top-right corner of the screen, and choose Settings. Under Settings, click “Add or manage your channel(s)”. You’ll see all your channels here. Click one of them, and it will also show up in “Switch account” on your other devices. In my case, as soon as I click the channel and switch to that channel in my browser, that channel/account reappeared on both my iPad and my Samsung TV. However, only the channel you switched to reappeared, so you will have to repeat the above steps for each and every remaining channel/account.

Choose “Settings”

I’m not sure why and how this happens, but my guess is that Youtube has carried out some system upgrade and it caused the channels to disappear in the Switch Account tab. Anyway, problem solved!

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  1. Hi there. This same thing happened to me for just one of my channels. I followed the steps, but that “Add or Manage your channel(s) page is totally blank for me. YouTube keeps asking me to sign in. I am pretty much going crazy right now because, of course, you cannot get a human being on the phone to help and the site either has a bug or something because I was able to find my other channel via search, but as far as having control of my channel — it is gone.

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